Alan McLucas

Freelance Cornet Player

I was excited to find an 'Al Hirt' cornet from the 1960s that was in near new condition except for one thing: at some stage somebody had accidentally sat on it then tried to straighten the bell by ramming a broomstick down its throat. BRUTAL!  Al Hirt had been actively involved with Holton in the development of a limited production run of 'Special' trumpets and cornets.  To achieve the unique Dixieland sound some exotic materials were used in parts like the bells: we believe that the bell in this cornet has Berrylium as an alloying element - this gives the bell its brilliant resonant sound.  I thought nobody could repair this bell. I was so concerned that I was prepared to sacrifice my Sterling Silver King 'Silversonic' cornet to get this one working.  As each day passed, I waited for a phone call from Morrie to say that the bell had cracked as he tried to repair it (because the brass was so hard).   AMAZINGLY Morrie repaired the bell, and revived the cornet.  It is like new and sounds brilliant throughout, especially in the upper register. Morrie, you are a genius.

Jason Mayer

1980 B&H Sovereign Euphonium

Morrie, my Euphonium is superb, thank you. There is barely a mark on it now. Those valves look brand new, and the attention to detail on the valve guides really impressed me. The slides are all just like new. You have given this instrument another 40 years of life.

James Capner


I would like to pass on my sincere appreciation for the repair you undertook to my Bach Trombone slide and service to the instrument. As you may recall I had previously had three instrument repairers indicate to me that the damage to the slide after its fall could not be satisfactorily repaired and that I should purchase a replacement.

I have now used my trombone since returning home and I am delighted to report the slide performs as new, no impediment to playing or visual indication that it had been damaged.

You are without doubt a true professional and your attention to detail and level of craftmanship is a true blessing to all those that play a musical instrument. unfortunately instrument workmanship and master craftsmen are becoming a dying art.

On returning home I have already expressed my recommendation toward your Instrument Repair and Restoration facility with many of my friends in the music fraternity and will continue to pass on my appreciation and praise for the quality and workmanship of Morrie and “Better Sounds Australia”.

Looking forward to catching up again when next in Queensland and having you provide maintenance and service to our musical Instruments.

Ed Annand


I sent a "beat up" vintage Yamaha cornet that seemed to hold potential for nice sound and character to Morrie and the team at Better Sounds.  After some very clear and honest discussion of what my options were and what I could expect we decided on a middle of the road option - Morrie assured me I would be impressed.  The result when I received it home was simply breathtaking!  The instrument is in showroom condition and delivers sounds that make me feel great everyday!

Morrie and his team are invaluable treasures for the Aussie brass community!


Xavier Maulave


Complete repad and recork, and keywork adjustment

Dear Morrie,

My Conn 10M saxophone has NEVER played like that before it is a dream from far the best adjustment I have ever experienced!  Thank you again for your MAESTRO job!

Kind regards,

Xavier Maulave

Alan McLucas


Solo Cornet Player: Victoria Street Brass. 

I finally found a much sought-after Olds Recording Cornet. Disaster struck and it was badly damaged in transit from the USA, so much so that it was difficult to force much of a sound out of it. Morrie repaired the crushed bell, built a new lead pipe from scratch, rebuilt the (unique to Olds) pull ring tuning slide mechanism that controls the length of the bell, then set out to make it look a million dollars. How does it sound? With trusty electronic tuner at hand, I checked all the usual tuning notes: PERFECT! Then starting at bottom F#, slowly and deliberately played every note in the chromatic scale to top E (above top C) with intonation precision and unbelievable stability. Not quite three octaves, but close enough, and all this on a previously damaged vintage horn: I have never been able to do this even on a brand new instrument regardless of how hard I tried ... and at one stage I even contemplated trashing it!

Morrie, YES: I am impressed.




I just can't seem to help myself but actually this one is for my wife. This Getzen Eterna Cornet is more than 30 years old. It had lots of corrosion and the lead pipe was rotten. Stunning job.



We went on a holiday to the Gold Coast from Perth to buy a cornet for my 12 year old and a Besson Sovereign or a Xena for me(I'm very fussy).

I tested both cornets at different shops but wasn't overly impressed then I bought a cornet that Maurice restored for my daughter for about $1,300.  I was willing to pay $4,000 for my cornet but of all the ones I played I loved the one I got off Maurice for my daughter, so I pinched it off her.

Everyone comments what a great sound and look it has. I have a Eddie Calvert sound and my Conn Constellation was getting old and again couldn't find a trumpet to suit me so Maurice restored my trumpet.

Love it thanks!

Maurice hope you remember me the little loud blonde from Perth he he JOY xxxxxxx

Christine and Lorraine

Gold Coast

Sometimes buying from ebay can be your worst nightmare. Fortunately I was pointed in the right direction to Morrie at Better Sounds. I visited their factory in Logan Village and was embarrased to show the dilema I purchased. Not to mention that some parts were missing, the amount of dents and surface corrosion and cracks in the bell were overwhelming ("what have I bought!"). The instrument is an early Conn 88 and over 40 years old. My daughters music teachers now drool over it.



I first met Morrie at the Brisbane Nationals several years ago I was very impressed with what he and his team at Better Sounds can do. I sent up my Olds recording trumpet which looked like something you would throw in the tip. It was very dented discoloured and dirty, truly worn out. My son now plays this as his main instrument. Because there is a lot of history behind it we felt that it was well worthwhile to have it restored back to like new. Amazing stuff and still looks like new four years later.



My Bach trumpet is more than 30 years old and I can assure you it looked nothing like this. The metal was brown and green and the valves were well and truly worn out. I supplied some Harrelson parts and left it up to the guys at Better Sounds. The finished product was amazing, the valve re-building has brought new life and energy back to the instrument, they have really surprised me.

J.D. Kirby

I have known Morrie since 1994. I have found Morrie's work as an instrument repairer to be the best of the highest standard in quality. I have never seen in Australia another repairer who can match his workmanship. His work is comparable to the best repairers I know in the United States.

Kevin Joughin


I am very impressed with your work and you were right when you said I wouldn't recognise it. It's like brand new and plays excellent. It's like having my baby back. Again thanks Morrie and I must add that you are a master of your craft.

Ken Wright


Besson EEb Tuba

I lived with a large dent in the bottom bow of my Tuba for 14 years.  It was dented when I bought it, but I didn't trust any one to repair it.

I inherited my Grandfathers Boosey and co Euphonium.  When it arrived it looked like it had been in a road accident.  That was my Grandfathers Euphonium and he had been a top player of his day, it couldn't stay like that so in desperation I took it to your shop in

Robin passed it to you and I just couldn't believe the difference when I got it back.

I had found some one I could trust to repair the dent in my Tuba.  The tuba needed some re-plating and the main tuning slide had been a loose fit from new so all these things were put right.

Again, I marvelled at your work done on my tuba.  Thanks Morrie.

Todd Martin

Dear Maurice,

The Hodomin piston / rotary, C/Bb trumpet is just beautiful! I have shown it to a lot
of players and they just love it and are very impressed by your work. I often just
take it out of the case and marvel at it. You are a true genius!

Trevor Green

(Managing Director, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) - Bach Cornet

27th JUNE 2007

Dear Mr Zahner,
Please would you convey my appreciation and great satisfaction to all those
concerned in the restoration of my Bach Cornet and Benge Trumpet.

In my experience of having instruments repaired, plated and restored, I don't
believe that I have ever seen such outstanding craftsmanship and perfection anywhere
in the world.

You and your staff should be highly congratulated on such magnificent work, which in
my case has completely restored the instruments to their original condition when new,
despite the fact that they are almost fifty years old.

I would be more than happy to endorse the work of your company and I will certainly
recommend 'Better Sounds Australia' at every opportunity.

My sincere thanks again to you all.
Yours sincerely
Trevor Green
Managing Director
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Justin Breen


Bach 37 Long Model Cornet

Bach 37 Long Model Cornet (20years old) - Got a full service, dent removal, bell straightened and a custom brushed finish. Top professional work. Plays as good as it looks. Thanks Morrie.

Dan Quigley

I love going to the Better Sounds workshop, each time I learn something new about instruments.

Morrie is a true craftsman and is incredibly enthusiastic about instruments and how they're made and very open in giving advice and letting you know how he will do repairs and alterations. I have seen some of the restorations they've done and can't believe the end product.

Morrie can custom build anything on your horn and will talk you through the best options for your needs.

Keep up the fantastic work guys. AAA+++

Bill Buchanan

Gold Coast

Instrumental Music Teacher

To all potential customers,
Better Sounds Austalia is a fantastic company to deal with, their quality of work has to be seen ( or played ) to be believed -I use their services regularly and am always impressed.

thanks Morrie and your team

Grahame Scott

President - Waratah Brass

York Tenor Horn

This almost brand new York tenor horn was carefully driven over not once but twice. The unnamed member of our band indicated it was just a coincidence that it was done in the car park of a pub.

Without the wonderful technical expertise of Better Sounds in repairing this instrument to a completely new standard it would have been destined to the wall of our band room as a souvenir.

Thank you to Morrie and his team for a fantastic job and excellent service.

Vince Davide

Antoine Courtois Trumpet

Thanks a heap Maurice

The valve rebuild job on my old Antoine Courtois has brought it back to life, and the customizing of the fist and second slide fittings look like it meant to be.

Finishing up with the silver touch work.

You have done an excellent job and I thank you for your very much as the costs were quite reasonable as well. Now I will have save some Penny's so I can send you my 1929 holton trumpet for you to do some magic on.

You are a master of your craft and well worth hassle of sending the instrument interstate I highly recommend.

All the best Vince Davide...Chenzo

Allan Lanham

Bray Park Nth Brisbane

Yamaha Pro.

Hi Morrie, yet again you have restored my trumpet to it's original beauty. Each time I get it back, people can't believe it's 35 years old. It originally belonged to Yuram Levi, he sold it to a student, who joined the QPS and no longer needed a trumpet.
Greg Aitken sold it to me in 1995, (it's my second Yammi Pro)and I am very pleased with it and the fabulous work you have done with our school instruments and private horns over the years. Keep up the good work.
Allan L(Snow)

Laurie Green

Marcinkiewicz Vermeer Trumpet

Lismore N.S.W

My Marcinkiewicz trumpet arrived, safe and sound as promised. As usual, a first class job. It looks and plays just like such a high quality trumpet should. This is the second instrument you have done for me, and I was well pleased with the work you did on my Olds cornet too!
Next in line is my Olds Flugelhorn. Thanks guys, your work is superb.
Laurie Green
Lismore NSW

Kenneth Wright

EEb King Sousaphone


This Sousa was bought from The US. The post managed to put a few Dents in it and also slightly Crease the Bell.
the lead pipe was also too long so it played a concert D instead of Eb.
The Bell Crease was repaired and inside was relaquered. The Dents were removed from the Body and the lead pipe shortened so as to play in tune.
Thank you Morrie for bringing my 1945 Sousa Back to life. I am now really enjoying playing my ebay win.

Rick and Amanda Casagrande



The work from Morrie and his staff is always first class. We have been using his workshop for many years.

We recently had work done on Rick's Bb Tuba preparing it for sale - the final result is amazing. The tuba is now better than it was brand new - honestly!

And we won't talk about the dent in Rick's new Eb Bass that Morrie removed without a trace.  

And if I did mention that dent, I would have to talk about the extensive bell creases in my flugel from when I dropped it - also removed without a trace.

Wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Thanks, Morrie.

Rick and Amanda Casagrande

David Eaves

Hi Morrie,
Thank you for the professional job you did on my Vincent Bach Stradivarius trumpet. It plays and sound better than when I bought it new. When I play my flugel horn I sometimes open the trumpet case and just look at it. It"s a work of art what you and your colleges have done. I recommend your expertise to anyone who wants to get their instrument fixed or reconditioned to new condition.

Mik Van Poelgeest

I am an instrumental music teacher with Education Queensland and have been teaching now for 11 years. Throughout my career I have been frustrated with instrument repairs and services but thankfully Better Sounds Australia has proven itself as an exception. I would recommend Better Sounds Australia as your number one choice for instrument repairs. All instruments that I have sent to Better Sounds have been thoroughly cleaned, polished and all possible problems solved. Congratulations Better Sounds on providing such a high level of service.

Jason Reeve


Bach C Trumpet

I sent Morrie my tired twelve year old Bach C trumpet and asked him to freshen it up, attach a new custom leadpipe and an osmun pitch finder for the main tuning slide. Well, the horn has come back completely restored, re-plated and looking brand new. But more importantly, it now blows with greater response and greater resonance than it ever did before and it slots really well without being too tight. Great job Morrie!

Jason Reeve
RAAF Band, Melbourne

Norm Goulding


Getzen eterna cornet

My very old Getzen eterna has been brought back to life!

Sean Rankin

B Mus, B Ed. Player RAAF Melbourne

Rebuilt Mt Vernon Bach Trumpet

This trumpet has had a long and eventful life.

The bell was crushed and cracked and so thin after numerous repairs over it's 56 years. Both Maurice and Paul have endured many hours restoring this now beautiful Bach 43. The sound and responsiveness is true to a fantastic Bach, but how rare they are to find.

The boys here at Better Sounds are genii, brilliant, unbelievable and are such gentlemen. There is no other instrument repairer / restorer I would consult with. They love their work and I love their commitment to perfection. Thanks lads.

Ray Wilson

Ex-professional player  Sandstone Pt. Queensland

Flute restoration Rudall Carte

This flute has been in the  family for many years and it is such a joy to see it restored to such beauty.  I knew it would be difficult but many thanks for the job of rebuilding a broken key which was lost and finishing the body to like new. The instrument has been completely custom repadded, polished and plated, recorked and lots more, the set up and feel is most impressive. These have been the best people I have ever had to deal with for repairs.

Mitchell McLeod


French Horn

Hi Maurice,
Mitchell had rehearsal today after picking his horn from being serviced yesterday.
Mitchell just wants to say thank you for making it easier to hit the higher notes and improve the overall sound of his instrument.

Sterle Buchanan

Buffet Bb Clarinet

Chinchilla (temporarily with QSO - Brisbane)

Thanks Morrie for the fantastic job you have done recently on my Buffet. You came highly recommended and I am very impressed with the exceptional result - the difference is amazing. Thanks for the guided tour of the workshop and the showroom etc - your future expansion is something to be applauded and I hope witnessed by many.

Jason Curtis

Townsville Brass

Besson Sovereign Euphonium

I had a fairly big problem at the Hobart Nationals this year with condensation collecting in my slides.

Most modern Euphos, (my Sovereign included), seem to come with water keys on all slides except number 2, and pulling that slide out on stage during a contest to empty it makes me nervous...  lots of potential for damage half way through a contest piece!

I had a whinge to Morrie about it at his trade stand, and he suggested fitting a push-button water key.

Well, I bit the bullet and sent the slide down after the contest...  gotta say I love the result!  As you can see from the pic, I asked him to fit it backwards, so there's no chance of me bumping it with my left arm, and there is heaps of room to slide a finger under the slide to push it...

Very nice neat job, and a massive improvement to how quickly I can empty the slide, with no risk of damaging it on the way back in!

Thanks Morrie...

John Martin


French Horn (retired professional orchestral player)

I bought this Conn 8D horn on ebay from Arkansas. Before it was sent I asked for repair work to be done. When it arrived I was very disappointed, the instrument had many signs of poor dent work badly fitted slides and not to mention the valves had no compression. I took the instrument to Morrie and Paul at Better Sounds and am now very impressed with the difference. They virtually unsoldered the horn and started again. The tubing is now straight, the slides line up and fit nicely and most of all I am very impresed with the valve resizing work, which has brought the sound of the instrument back to like new. Thanks a lot guys!

Sergeant Al Kidney (Band master)


Adelaide SA

I picked up my trumpet a week or so ago, and WOW! it looks and blows like a dream. I can't believe it's the same horn. I was hoping it would at least be returned in a saleable state because I didn't think I'd ever play it again, just sell it off at reduced price to a student, but it looks fantastic, compared to the state it was in. I'll be hanging onto it for a while yet.
Thanks heaps, it's good to know there are some real craftsmen out there who can do great work.

[Better Sounds Edit: see more photos of this particular trumpet in the Repair Gallery]

Bill Deer


Amati Flugel horn

Hi Morrie,

Thankyou for a beautiful job on the flugel. I played it today after you and Paul overhauled it and it played as beautifully as the top range flugels I played in Europe recently.

Thanks again.


Edward Kennedy


Trumpet and Brass

Better Sounds Australia refurbished my son's old Conn 88H B/F Trombone, which was full of dents and had a corroded brace where the right hand is placed. The instrument came back looking like it had just left the Conn factory.

As a professional performer and teacher, I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship carried out by Better Sounds Australia

Edward Kennedy


Trumpet and Brass

This is the before picture of my son's old Conn 88H Bb/F Trombone. The transformation was unbelievable!


Getzen Flugalhorn

Morrie: Rex called us up here at Better Sounds, to discuss an idea he had for alterations to his FlugalHorn mouthpiece.  Here are his thoughts on the result! (Rex has quite a sense of humour!)
I came up with an idea and sent some mouthpieces to Morrie at Better Sounds to customise a mouthpiece for my Getzen flugalhorn.
After it was sent back to me and had been tested, I had to moderate my language...  this is what I had to say:
My mouthpiece is awful (full of awe).
Being impressed is an understatement.
My gob is smacked.
Cloud nine isn't high enough.
My cup runneth over.
I could go on and on but I don't want to embarrass anyone.
You have created a mouthpiece of dangerous properties.
I know the required range is partly up to the player, but double highs for a flugel are not a requirement.  Even so, they are available.  Pedal notes are not a requirement either but they are certainly available.  In fact, I now have the "fattest" pedals that a trombone player could wish for.
I am now preparing for an overseas contest attempt next year........
Many thanks, and best wishes,




I am extremely happy with the service and overall improvements made to my Bach Trumpet. I am sure I am playing better. As an amateur late to playing the Trumpet, I played 25 years ago a bit, I really appreciate the time and advice given to me by Morrie. I had a week in Brisbane and arranged beforehand with Morrie to have my trumpet serviced and cleaned  and at the end of the week I picked up a *new* trumpet. Morrie also fitted a JoyKey and I have not had to empty once since, it is great, one less thing I have to think about. There is no change in sound and it looks very much a part of the instrument.  So thank you Morrie and Better Sounds and thanks to the JoyKey.

Troy Sandiford

Regents Park

Tenor Sax

Im very picky about my tenor sax and being new to Brissy i wasn't sure who to take my baby to. I was told Morrie was the only man to see. What great advice.
 Thank you Morrie my horn plays amazing. It has to be played to be believed and it looks stunning. you are truely a master craftsman.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Rob Anders

St Laurence's College


:D:D The smile on this guy's face says it all. I would not hesitate to recommend the work done by the guys at Better Sounds. This tuba was looking very sad with the side of the tuba all squashed in. Maurie and his staff were able to remove these dents and restore it to its former glory. Thanks for the time and care taken to make this instrument appealing to even the most discerning critic. :D:D

David Wilks

Waratah Brass

Principal Cornet

Hi Morrie,
I have received the Cornet today in good order.

On inspection the Cornet looks fabulous, you and your  team have done an amazing job.

Please tell them for me.

Like new is a good terminology for it.

Now how it plays and sounds ---absolutely awesome, my lips are hurting because I can’t put it down,

I LOVE IT---it plays free, crisp, clear, bright, tuning is great, This Cornet sings, it makes my personal Cornet sound like it is leaking, and  sounds fluffy in comparison.

It is  going to be hard to hand it over to my 4th Solo Cornet player as it is much better than mine.

However thank you very much for all the hard work that went into rebuilding it, the sound it produces is a testament to you teams  quality of  workmanship—AWESOME.

Thank you once again and I will certainly tell everybody about your expert workmanship and professional conduct.

David Wilks

Mick Laidlow

I sent my 100+ year old cornet to Better Sounds Aust to be restored as it was in poor condition. The silver was flaking off all over it and there were a few bents in it. Morrie has done a fantastic job and put a lot of time and effort into restoring my old French cornet to new condition. Can not thank him enough for what he done. Highly recommend Better Sounds Aust. All the best for the future Morrie and team. :):):):):)

Glenn Minto

The Mad Mariachi

Thanks very much Morrie for the work you put into getting my 1966 Conn Connstellation back on the road. Absolutely loving it! Beautiful work.

Martin Adam

I indulged myself and bought an vintage trombone that had seen better days.  It was playable but looked bad.  Morrie did a fantastic job of restoring it to look like new.  Then, when I damaged it after only three days he did a repair on-the-spot so I could continue to enjoy playing it without interruption.   Thanks Morrie!

Sue Douglas

Many thanks to Morrie and his team at Better Sounds Australia for the fantastic result they achieved in rejuvenating my about 50 year old Blessing B101 flute. I am delighted with the tone and feel of the instrument and it looks beautiful.

Alan McLucas

Freelance Cornet Player

I was excited to find an 'Al Hirt' cornet from the 1960s that was in near new condition except for one thing: at some stage somebody had accidentally sat on it then tried to straighten the bell by ramming a broomstick down its throat. BRUTAL!  Al Hirt had been actively involved with Holton in the development of a limited production run of 'Special' trumpets and cornets.  To achieve the unique Dixieland sound some exotic materials were used in parts like the bells: we believe that the bell in this cornet has Berrylium as an alloying element - this gives the bell its brilliant resonant sound.  I thought nobody could repair this bell. I was so concerned that I was prepared to sacrifice my Sterling Silver King 'Silversonic' cornet to get this one working.  As each day passed, I waited for a phone call from Morrie to say that the bell had cracked as he tried to repair it (because the brass was so hard).   AMAZINGLY Morrie repaired the bell, and revived the cornet.  It is like new and sounds brilliant throughout, especially in the upper register. Morrie, you are a genius.