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Better Sounds Australia

Better Sounds Australia is now moving forward to provide an even better (and much needed) service for acoustic instrument players, through our new Performance Studio, Better Sounds Productions.

In the past, our focus has been on the performance of the instruments we repair and sell.  We are now opening the stage for acoustic music audio and video recordings.  Our studio is large enough to accommodate a large size band.

Our passion for working to an exceptionally high standard is recognised in our reputation, exceeding three decades.  Better Sounds comes highly endorsed by music teachers, school bands, brass bands, concert bands, church bands and orchestras across the country.

We wish to say Thank You to the many players who have used our services over these past 30 years, and look forward to being of further assistance to your music life in the future.


Morrie Zahner

Morrie Zahner (pictured) is the founder and owner of Better Sounds Australia.

Morrie is a talented musician with vast experience and expertise in the field of repairs to musical instruments.  Difficult repairs that require precision and skill, from the smallest of adjustments through to severely damaged instruments, have always been our specialty here at Better Sounds.

(Our Article Section has more information.)

Morrie Zahner



The Better Sounds Australia facility is a haven for any musician, with an advanced repair factory style workshop, and an exciting showroom of displayed instruments and products.

A recent addition has been a large (and impressive) recording studio to inspire and capture the performances of any musician.



Some of the repair services we offer are:

  • Accurate adjustments
  • Detailed internal cleaning
  • Like new dent removal and body work
  • Precision worn valve repairs
  • Machine and hand polishing
  • Touch up through to complete refinishing in lacquer and electroplating
  • Recorks
  • Repads
  • Tube expansion and refitting
  • Slide realignments and slick action improvements
  • Jewelery standard soldering and brazing
  • Customisations

We guarantee our repairs will improve or maintain the value of your investment.


In the past we have restored many instruments, but today this process has become less and less cost effective for cheaper quality instruments.

Shown here is a 120 year old French made Brevette cornet.  A full restoration was requested by the owner due to personal sentimental and antique value.  This restoration required many processes and engineering skills to be applied.  This is a genuine before and after shot!



Where are we?

Better Sounds Australia operates from the South-East region of Queensland, with a factory workshop facility 35 minutes South of the Brisbane CBD.  We welcome personal visits to the facility, and appreciate appointment phone calls for emergency or after-hours situations.  Our trusted network of courier services allows us to pick up and deliver repairs and sales from almost anywhere.


Free Recording Session!

Our passion at Better Sounds is to give our customers a better life musical experience.

From now until the end of this year, we will add, to selected instrument sales, a FREE RECORDING SESSION of the musical piece of your choice.

Enquiries for specific and special brand orders are welcome...

Horn Dent Guard

Check out the latest in brass instrument protection!

Horn Dent Guards are the latest innovation from Better Sounds, offering protection from dents before they happen.

Visit the dedicated Horn Dent Guard website to read more or place an order.

Customer Feedback

Hi Maurice, Mitchell had rehearsal today after picking his horn from being serviced yesterday. Mitchell just wants to say thank you for making it easier to hit the higher notes and improve the overa

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Depending on what your instrument needs, Better Sounds Australia offer four services levels:

Level 1: Ecomony service

Level 2: Full service

Level 3: Economy restoration

Level 4: Full restoration

Read our Servicing page for full details.